Discovery Walk: Phase Two

We are delighted to announce that phase two of Discovery Walk is now complete. This phase sees the inclusion of five more bespoke bronze plaques designed by artist Suzanne Scott of WhimSicAL LusH.

The new plaques recognise the following candidates:

George A Pirie (1863 – 1929)

Dr George A Pirie (1863-1929)

This Dundee doctor was one of the first in the world to use X-rays in medicine, although his prolonged exposure severely damaged his health. He was one of the international innovators honoured in the 1936 Hamburg memorial: “They were heroic pioneers for a safe and successful application of X-rays to medicine. The fame of their deeds is immortal.”

“The Scottish Radiological Society is delighted that Dr Pirie’s important pioneering work will be recognised in Discovery walk.”

George Lowden (1825 – 1912)


This pioneering inventor and instrument maker was renowned for building a “jumbo microscope”. He made Sir David Brewster’s first stereoscope and created several new inventions including the first fixed-focus folding pocket camera.

“The Nine Incorporated Trades of Dundee are proud to champion George Lowden, whose inventions epitomised the quality historically maintained by local Craftsmen.”

James Chalmers (1782 – 1853)


This highly respected Arbroath-born printer and publisher became and avid campaigner for improvements to Britain’s postal system. He is regarded as the originator of the concept of adhesive postage stamps and franking, which would later be adopted throughout the postal systems of the world.

“Stanley Gibbons are delighted to be sponsors of the James Chalmers plaque – a man of great vision instrumental in the introduction of the Penny Post.”

James Bowman Lindsay (1799 – 1862)


Lindsay studied theology, mathematics and physical science at St Andrews University. He went on to investigate electric light, and in Dundee in 1835 gave the first demonstration of an incandescent lamp that was practical, constant, and useable for reading. His innovative work on underwater telegraphy received praise from Faraday and Marconi.

“Evolt are delighted to be championing James Bowman Lindsay, at a time when Dundee is really embracing electric vehicles.”

Thomas Maclagan (1838 – 1903)

Was in charge of Dundee Royal Infirmary when many deadly diseases were rife amongst the expanding populations of industrial cities. Maclagan reduced the mortality rate in DRI with his meticulous patient care methods and pioneering use of thermometers. His studies of natural remedies contributed to the development of aspirin.

Now proudly sponsored by NHS Tayside:
“We are delighted that Dr Thomas Maclagan’s pioneering medical work that included the development of Aspirin is being recognised”.
Professor Connell, NHS Tayside


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