Welcome to the WhimSicAL LusH online emporiums of treats and treasures. Check out the Etsy and Redbubble stores below that are stuffed with imaginative and super quirky funs. Browse through delights and wonders to send to your loved ones to let them know that you are thinking of them… or why not spoil yourself too? Enjoy your adventures!

Welcome to the WhimSicAL LusH Etsy Shop

Pop Up Shop Illustration for website

I’d love to invite you to visit the WhimSicAL LusH Etsy Shop, who knows what goodies you will find for your family and friends (and maybe even you too!)


Welcome to the WhimSicAL LusH Redbubble Shop

Check out the WhimSicAL LusH Red Bubble shop! Wander into the tent and find treasures and treats a plenty.

Freebies from me to you!!


Would you like to collaborate with me? Let’s have some FREE fun! I’ve drawn a wee house and left lots of space for your imagination! Will you colour it in? Leave it black and white? What will you add? More houses? Trees and Bushes? Tree houses? Lochs or mountains? Flowers and animals? People or creatures or cheeky monsters? Rainbows, clouds and unicorns? Hot air balloons or aeroplanes or the most fantastic flying machine that we ever did see!

The A4 images are available to download below – for FREE – because we’re all a bit worried about the pennies right now huh and having a bit of fun doesn’t always have to cost anything.

Save the images below by holding down on the image or right clicking, then print them out to add to them or alter them digitally. Animate, replicate, draw it in your style… Whatever you prefer!

I’d love to see your amazing creations and see what you add – so if you do share your finished pieces on social media remember to give me a shout @whimsicallush with the tag #WhimsicallushCollaboration (or send me them directly).

I hope you enjoy my wee challenge. Stay safe x

P.s. if you’re stuck then I can email them to you. Message me on suzannemscott@googlemail.com 💚🌿

A4 colour collaboration download sheet
Black and white A4 collaboration sheet

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