The WhimBots and the Great(Whim)Bot Off 2013

I was feeling rather rubbish earlier on in January and to cheer myself up I dragged out my tin of coloured pencils…


A fabulous tin of pencils it is too. A lovely gift from a lovely person ^_^

So I got to scribbling.. And doodling.. And thinking… And the WhimBots were born!


Thus far there are seven WhimBots.. Meet BlueBot..


And Zip…


And for now… RoeBot!


They have some more friends who you shall meet along the way.. Promise!

The WhimBots were partly inspired by my longstanding love of robots! There is just something rather quirky about bots isn’t there! CP30 and R2D2 in Star Wars were possibly the first robots I remember catching my eye as a kid but there have been many many more along the way, including those on my biscuit tin and Brassneck in the Dandy by Bill Holroyd many moons ago!

My other inspiration was from me joking about someone acting like a robot at times.. with their big kind heart kept safe inside. As much as they may try and hide that heart away from the world (cos sometimes it’s safer that way) I can always see it.. Just like on the WhimBots.


I even made the WhimBot hearts into Valentine’s cards ❤

The WhimBots are a great fun loving troop of ‘bots that deserved to have more friends.. So bring on the Great (Whim)Bot Off 2013!

This is all about my love of encouraging others to be brave and draw more.. I know my friends (some more than others) are a talented arty bunch but they sometimes just won’t! The reaction my WhimBot drawings got and that they inspired one person in particular to get drawing robots ( and just drawing full stop) was enough to launch the Great (Whim)Bot Off 2013. I am asking everyone to draw a robot and send it to me, where they will join my gang of ‘bots on WhimSicAL LusH’s Facebook page and at the end of summer appear in a fabulous exhibition at Diaosu Limited People can also drop off their drawings at Diaosu and even stop by on the first Friday of every month to draw one and join in with the craft afternoon too if they wish! Ooo.. And I mention the WhimBot Workshop??? Yes, indeed! We will also be making/ drawing/ creating (Whim)Bots in the summer!!

Fun times ahead me thinks!!

This was launched last Sunday and already the bots have 13 new friends!!


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