January 2014 Newsletter

A belated happy new year to everyone! I am a little late with my first newsletter of the year but I do have a good excuse.. I’ve been really busy with preparing for not one, but three group exhibitions and some commission pieces too!

The month of January brought along the Discardboard exhibition in ForestCentrePlus, Edinburgh. It was an amazing celebration of everything cardboard with 30+ artists taking part.. Including me!

Here are my 3 pieces, all made entirely from recycled cardboard!


‘Be My Valentine’


The exhibition was a great success and enjoyed by all. My 3 pieces are now available for purchase and will be listed soon in the WhhimSicAL LusH Etsy Shop.

I hope everyone had a fab New Year and Hogmany? I spent mine in Edinburgh for the first time in years and had an absolute ball watching Django Django play at the street party. Here are some of my fav photos from the night:





Catch up soon with what’s coming up in February!

Best Wishes
Suzanne x

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