The Story of Bertrum Muddle: AdventureBot Extraordinaire


Introducing Bertrum Muddle, AdventureBot extraordinaire.

Bertrum Muddle is a time travelling WhimBot who just loves to explore.

He has a particularly brilliant battered old suitcase that he takes everywhere with him.

The suitcase contains lots of souvenirs from his travels and when he opens that case the stories he tells go on for hours, captivating everyone around him!

And here is his wonderful suitcase in real life… isn’t it great!





I was given this wonderful old battered suitcase by a very kind fellow stall holder (David from Monikie Rock Art) at last month’s market in Dunkeld so that i could make another display case for my cards. Needless to say I was delighted! Not only did it solve a problem (I have way too many card designs to sensibly display at markets) but it is the most beautiful case!

David told me that this case had been rescued from the lost and found in Dunkeld train station many many moons ago.

This prompted some chat between David, the lovely Eileen (from It’s Only Natural) and I about how it had come to be lost and so on (It was a quiet market that morning 😉 ).

This got my mind a ticking and upon discovering the letters BM stencilled on the case a new WhimBot was born. Because obviously BM stands for Bertrum Muddle!

… And then the stories of the adventures that he had been on with that battered old suitcase started to be told… … …

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