Snowboarding in the Art Bar

What do you do with your snowboard when it’s no longer fit for the mountain? Turn it into a piece of 3D functional art of course!

This is the new door in the Art Bar, Dundee. The snowboard has been retired from its mountain adventures but is still very much in use as the 3D element to the illustration and the handle for the door.

 It’s not easy pasting up pieces that are bigger than you!

I thought that some of you might like to see the story behind creating this so we took some photos along the way.

Here’s a couple of close ups of the final illustration…

 … and work in progress for those of you who like to see the stages… 

It always starts off really simply without much detail… but this is where the inky adventure starts…

 Once the shading and details go in it starts coming together and starts to come to life.
The final piece, with all the wee hidden details and treasures. Now to scan it in, tidy it up on the computer, print it out and get busy cutting!

It was pretty sore on the old fingers but worth it when it’s all finished!

The Art Bar can be found at 140b Perth Road, Dundee and well worth a visit!

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