Designing A Gift Range For Abertay University

‪Delighted to work with Abertay University to produce a gift range for them based on my ‘Secret Garden’ illustration. I graduated from Abertay and couldn’t be prouder to design these pieces for them.
This is the wrapping paper.
The illustration was an inktober project and the inspiration behind my Maggie’s Penguin Parade sculpture Maggie & Fleur’s design that Abertay were so kind to sponsor last year.

This is the first time my illustrations have been translated into silk… and I love it! This scarf commission has really made me want to develop my work more.

Something that I really enjoy about collaboration and commissions. They push you in directions that you might not have thought of before and make you a bit braver each time. I’d highly recommend it, especially when it means working with really lovely people!

There is also a silk tie in the Abertay University gift collection! Where the scarf pulled out the floral elements of the ‘Secret Garden’ illustration the tie focuses on the leaves and pattern (well over a metre of hand drawn pattern in the end to allow for folding and seams!) There is no repeats here, which was important to me to keep that natural hand drawn feel.

The colours match in with the University colours, picking out that gorgeous teal again on a few leaves like with the flowers on the wrapping paper.

Again something different for me and a real joy to see my illustration work become wearable.

I’ve been told that several visitors to the University have already been presented with these gifts, including an Olympic Athlete. I hope they bring smiles all over the world and remind people of their connections to Abertay and Dundee when they wear them.


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