Blog, Website, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram and more..

So.. In an effort to be more diligent on the online front I have spent the last couple of days updating various sites. That is no mean task by the way when you are me and would much rather be drawing! I have also realised that to be on top of all of them I actually need to be two people.. does anyone else feel that way or is it just me?

HOuses for mugs watermarked‘Twirl Town’

So far my Website, this Blog, Spreadshirt Clothing Shop and Etsy Shop are feeling all refreshed. Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter have all had a look in too (and let’s not even get started on Facebook!). But that’s for now… eeek… aaarg!! It’s like being on a fast moving hamster wheel trying to keep up!!

What media works best for you? Any recommendations?

Oh yeah.. and on my ramblings around the internet I stumbled upon this useful guide on how to use Pinterest.. thought you might find it helpful too.. Your Guide To Pinterest

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