Wandering Robots

My very fab friend and her two sprogs have decided to take their robots on tour before they join the rest of the bots for The Great (Whim)Bot Off 2013. The lucky bots.. they are off on their travels to Portugal!

Monday 1st July 2013

Taking selfies in the hotel mirror

The gang made it to the hotel..  and it was soon time for some fun and nonsense and robot selfies in the bathroom mirror!

Relaxing in front of a movie

All the hilarity tired those lil bots out. So a bit of chilling in bed, watching a movie was definately a good call before flying out in the morning to the sunshine and more adventures.

I wonder what they’ll get up to? ^_^

Tuesday 2nd July 2013


The colours of the houses and other buildings were so fabulously bright and sunny in Portugal that the little robot had to record it. She enjoyed basking in the sunshine as this picture was being taken.

Wednesday 3rd July

Mummy Bot relaxing by the poolIt’s time for Mummy Bot to chill by the pool with the kids splashing around and the sun setting.

I wonder what she’s reading on her kindle?

Friday 5 July

Bot supervising the drying of swimming gear cool boardies calebCaleb’s Bot was discovered guarding his boardies.. it’s an important job you know! Especially when there are water parks to go find in the morning!

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