Happy Kitty

The inspirational and quirky Emma L Pawley is holding her first ever solo exhibition at Bank Street Gallery, Kirriemuir. I was lucky enough to be invited to the opening night on 3 May and I will be surprised if any of her work will be left for sale by the end of the exhibition, it looks great! I am so proud of her.

The exhibition runs until 13th June.

Emma and I met at a market in Glasgow a while back now and immediately got on! We both enjoy each other’s work and have done one collaboration piece, with another in the works! It just so happens we also share a love of beer and good music too.. Very handy!

Emma’s character Zombie Pussy is a fantastic kitty. The ‘new anti-heroine… The terrible cat which died, yet remained.’ She features in many of Emma’s works and is dark, cheeky and ever so clever! Check out Zombie Pussy on Facebook and on her website too!

Here are more pics from the opening night:









It was a fab night and I might be a little biased.. But I would highly recommend you pop along and see Emma’s work for yourself!

P.s. did you know that Kirriemuir is famous for…

J.M. Barrie who wrote Peter Pan. He was born there in 1860 (on this day.. As it turns out!! Wow! Cool coincidence or what!)! If you visit the Kirriemuir cemetery, that is where he rests now. There is a beautiful statue of Peter Pan in the town square.

AC/DC. Bon Scott was from Kirriemuir before he emigrated to Fremantle in Western Australia.

And now.. It’s famous as bring the home of the creator of the coolest undead kitty who ever wandered these lands…….. Maybe one day there will be a zombie pussy statue in the square too!

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