May 2014 Newsletter

Hello May! Bye bye April! It’s been an awesome birthday month, filled full of friends, family, exploring and mini adventures as well as lots and lots of drawing, writing and creating! Thanks to all who made it such a top one! ^_^

Here’s what is coming up in May folks:

On 3rd May I am back up in Aberdeen for Aberdeen Ministry of Crafts.

On 11th May I’m up north again but only as far as Newtonhill this time for Knittykittybangbang presents.

The 17th of May is the ‘What Could Be Here Project in Dundee.

Then from 22nd until 26th May us girlies (Doodlestuff, Kerfuffle and me) are unleashing the marvellous, wonderous, most magical and splendiferous Tentalicious in Arbroath! It is our very own pop-up gallery, packed full of awesome and always fun and a wee bit bonkers!! This one will be no different with our circus theme! ^_^


Do you like the flyer I made us! 😉

So…. Hope you can make it along to at least one of these most tip top events!

Also… My very good friend Emma aka Zombie Pussy has her opening night for her first solo exhibition tomorrow night (2nd May). It runs from 3 May til 18 June at Bank Street Gallery, Kirriemuir. Her work is just a bit brilliant and seeing the original pieces just highlights how much detail she puts in there!


Also… ‘Beyond’ is an exhibition of my friend Garry Brown’s work and not to be missed! He creates 2d and the most incredible 3d pieces too. The opening night is on 16th May up at Diaosu Limited (209 Hilltown, Dundee). 5-7pm. Check out some of his driftwood pieces here, you will not be disappointed! One day I would like to own one of his houses!

And… I shall most definitely be popping along to the annual degree show at Duncan of Jordanstone. Always worth a good nosey!

Have you seen… Jimmy Thomson’s solo exhibition at Freedom Hair yet? No? Well sort it out! Here is a wee write up I did about it the other week. What a lovely man with such fab drawings. Did you know that he drew over 700 caricatures for Melody Maker? Impressive huh!


The Great (Whim)Bot Off: Robot Drawing Project has picked up speed again with some fantastic entries. I would be delighted if you want to get involved too. Check out their own blog here for more info and robots ^_^whimbots go for a wander web poster

And a couple of my new pieces from this month, including ‘Crater’ my lil space WhimBot and my island escape..





I hope you all had a lovely Easter stuffed full of chocolate and giggles


Stay smiley! Night night x


3 Comments Add yours

  1. Jason says:

    I see that you are one of the few places I can find information on jimmy Thomson, cartoonist. I live in the United States and came across a hand drawn, colored, miles Davis Drawing at an estate sale. Just looking for more infpation about the man. Also, what are his works of art going for?

    1. Hi there

      Jimmy is a wonderful and talented man! I was delighted to meet him and interview him for an exhibition. If you wish to speak with him please do contact him on

      Best Wishes

    2. Lucy says:

      Hi Jason,
      Just came across this message – Jimmy is my Dad, very proud of him and I think I know the Miles Davis drawing you’re talking about, please get in touch with me and i can send you further contact details if you’re interested,
      best wishes,

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