There’s an Elephant on the Loose!

Joining Hamilton’s Big Stampede this year is Forget Me Not, my colourful elephant, who tells many stories via her detailed new outfit! Check out the wee film above to see how she was made…

Forget-me-not’s flowers represent true love and caring for others. The trees symbolise growth, health and strength too. Nature is a healer, bringing inspiration and peace of mind. The rays of sunshine of her trunk are the warming rays of hope for the sick children and their families. She stands wise and strong like the hospital staff, making dreams of freedom and adventure come true.

This is what she looked like on paper…

The BIG Stampede is a major public arts trail event which sees the streets of Hamilton and south Lanarkshire come to life with 30 large safari animal sculptures. It launched 23rd June 2017.

The project is a collaboration between Hamilton Business Improvement District, Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity and Wild in Art which will capture the imaginations of the public and encourage us all to get out and explore Hamilton.

The BIG Stampede animals will be creatively decorated by a range of local and national artists, and both small local companies and national corporations, community groups and individuals will have a unique opportunity to sponsor a sculpture, which will be on show for 10 weeks during the summer of 2017 before taking all the sculptures to auction to help raise funds for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity.

She was sponsored by Visit Lanarkshire and throughout the trail can be found in Strathclyde Park on a lovely wee hill overlooking the Water Sports Centre.

Forget-Me-Not made the top 10! ❤️ Top 10 Must See Animals on the Big Stampede<

wonder who will end up adopting her….< img src=””&gt;

*Breaking News!* You can now bid on my Big Stampede elephant on the online auction! 💚 How exciting! Wonder how much she’ll raise for Glasgow Children’s Hospital Charity? I wonder who’ll adopt my not so lil Forget-Me-Not! Hopefully someone nice.

I kinda wish I could keep her cos I know exactly where I’d like her to go live! She would make lots of kids smile! 😁

Big Stampede Auction: Forget-Me-Not

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