Explore your city! Dundee’s Hidden Treasures

Dundee has some really fantastic public art. You don’t have to walk far to stumble upon the Dundee Penguins, Lemmings, mosaics and cheeky monkeys! ❤️ I love the more hidden pieces too like the squirrel that was deliberately placed at child height! 

The Dundee Penguins just love to dress up! 😂

m so proud to be a part of our city’s public and street art. I have enjoyed being a part of it for a long time now having a whole heap of fun with free art drops and my wee sticker slaps and I hope that my new painted door on Couttie’s Wynd for OpenClose Dundee will make people smile too.

The WhimSicAL LusH door is inspired by the colourfulDundee Design Festival windows at West Ward Works, which also inspired those limited edition enamel pins I created for the festival this year.

I feel that those windows, like the OpenClose Dundee project and Discovery Walk symbolise bringing together Dundee’s past and present and celebrating both.

The door is at the top of the historic Couttie’s Wynd, next to other wonderful secrets! Shhh! 😉 It is a shared door for CEX and William Hill Bookmakers, who were more than happy to have their door become part of such an inspiring project. (A huge thanks to CEX (and Phill) for also sponsoring my door. You guys rock! Thanks too to Ozzy’s for the nice wee discount on my paints. Much appreciated).

I’m delighted to be a part of OpenClose Dundee alongside many of my friends… you can find us all here!

It was lovely to be working outdoors for a change too, I like a good challenge. Was really interesting seeing how the alley is used too. It’s much busier than I ever thought it would be.

There is such a great creative buzz around Dundee and this project only enhances that further. Big shout to Russell Pepper at Fleet Collective for organising it all!

OpenClose Dundee is all about brightening up the old forgotten doors of closes and wynds of the city and encouraging creativity. It will take people on a journey off the beaten track on a street art treasure hunt.

Talking of street art… Designing the plaques for Discovery Walk down at Slessor Gardens has been like a dream come true. Not only has my artwork been cast in bronze, it is now a permanent part of Dundee, celebrating its history and educating whilst also being pieces of public art too! I’m currently working on the next five… so exciting! 😁

When it comes to Dundee’s public art one man definitely needs a shout out! John Gray is the man behind making most of it happen, and has been hugely instrumental to Discovery Walk happening. He’s one of the city’s unsung heroes in my eyes, who has been quietly making us smile over the years in the form of sculptures, gates, mosaics, plaques and more. An art school graduate himself, John has supported the artist community for years, giving people so many opportunities to showcase their work in a wonderful way!

things encourage folks to be proud of their city and to explore it too… just like oor Oor Wullie’s Bucket Trail did in 2016! ❤️ Not just locals… but visitors too. There’s nothing quite like taking people for a walk round town and being able to point out all it’s ‘smiles’ 😁

e year I created a street map for our #DundeeInstaMeet which pointed out a few of my favourite pieces of art in town, I am very tempted to revisit it and add more! 🖤


e public, accessible, awesome art!! ❤️❤️


h4>1st April 2017: Article in TheCourier.co.uk and Courier Weekend Magazine by Suzanne Scott. Photos by Kris Miller.

Discovering Discovery Walk

9th June:  Article in TheCourier.co.uk and Courier paper by Gayle Ritchie. Photos by Steven Brown.

OpenClose Dundee: From Drab and Dreary to Delightful

10th June: Article in TheCourier.co.uk and Weekend Magazine by Gayle Ritchie. Photos by Kris Miller and Steven Brown.

Art in the Heart of the City


s Op
ose Dundee artists at the Farmer's Market on Saturday 19th August in the City Square. We will have a whole lot of our artwork up for grabs, the brand new maps and there will be tours of our painted doors too!

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