Have you ever met a kabouter?

Have you ever met a kabouter?

I have always enjoyed stories of old Holland from my Oma (my grandmother). Childhood stories about skating on the canals and exploring. She retold Dutch fairytales and brought with her the Dutch tradition of leaving your shoe out on 5th December to hopefully receive a present from Sinterklaas on St Nicolas’ Day (if you’ve been good) over to Scotland.

Then there are the stories about the kabouters! My favourite of all!

Kabouter is the Dutch word for gnome. In Dutch mythology and Dutch folklore, kabouters are tiny men who live underground or else are household spirits helping in the home. They are generally shy of humans. The males have long, full beards and wear tall, pointed red hats.

In the Legend of the Wooden Shoes, an old Dutch folktale, the kabouter teaches the Dutch man how to make wooden shoes.

My other half met a kabouter at Christmas… here he is! We were hoping that he would be the helpful around the house type, but it turns out he’s more of an outdoors kinda lil guy and hates doing the housework as much as we do! Ach well, never mind. He’s good fun and seems to have the best stories to tell… just like my Oma! ❤️🍄

I’m glad I can finally share this lil guy with you now too! He made him smile when he met him and me too whilst I was drawing… there’s just one thing though. He has no name yet. What shall we name our kabouter?

Kabouter’s love the snow too…

Happy new year to you all, especially YOU! 🖤 Here’s to 2018 being full of laughter and love!

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