About WhimSicAL LusH

Suzanne Scott is an artist and illustrator based in Dundee working under the name WhimSicAL LusH.

She creates unique, quirky illustrations that feature on ranges of prints, stationery, homeware and more, selling them online and through various shops and galleries. Working with businesses both large and small she helps them tell their stories too – via illustration.

Suzanne has also secured prominence as a public artist with Dundee’s Discovery Walk (in Dundee’s new waterfront), a painted door for Open/Close Dundee, a 3D wooden mural for Roxburghe House, Dundee and has been part of several public art trails, including both Oor Wullie’s Bucket Trails and Maggie’s Penguin Parade, where she was art director and trail artist too.

More recently, during covid, Suzanne worked remotely with children and young people from across Angus to create the Monifieth Art Trail and her Dundee Christmas Card installation outside the Caird Hall in Dundee City Square during Christmas 2020 was a great hit. Suzanne’s biggest project to date is to be unveiled soon, artwork for the new Children’s Operating Theatre Suite at Ninewells Hospital.

As well as working on designs for WhimSicAL LusH Suzanne enjoys collaborating and working alongside others, leading and being part of creative projects. Suzanne enjoys helping others find their voice through art and can be heard shouting about how therapeutic creativity can be.

Over the last few years Suzanne has raised approximately £150,00 for charity with her illustration work and been part of charity teams helping to raise nearly £3 million!!! 


Playfully quaint or fanciful, esp. in an appealing and amusing way. Fanciful. Bizarre. Impulsive. 


Extremely pleasing to the senses. Luxuriant. Rich. Exuberant.

Suzanne loves going on inky adventures and adores the little things in life. Whether she’s creating creatures or castles, houses or robots, drawing trees or flowers, or turning people’s ideas into reality there is always a story on her drawing board. Come and join her on her journey in ink and step into the little world of WhimSicAL LusH.

Suzanne’s work has featured in several solo and group exhibitions and there a number of shops and galleries throughout Scotland stocking her work. She regularly attends art events and markets throughout the year and sells online via Etsy.

Suzanne’s projects to date include:

  • Poster and logo designs for several Scottish and international bands, businesses and companies
  • Hand painted murals for both private and business clients
  • Book covers and internal book illustrations
  • Private illustration commissions
  • Artwork for BrewDog Bar, Dundee
  • Artwork for Art Bar, Dundee
  • Label artwork for ‘Smoked in History‘, the #collabfest2014 beer brewed by BrewDog Dundee and Alechemy, using smoked timbers from RRS Discovery
  • Ghost Ship‘ gift range for RRS Discovery, Dundee
  • Illustration work for JDRF, Australia wide Night Circus Gala Ball
  • Artwork for Bramble Cottages: two purpose built young children’s homes in Arbroath – Angus Council
  • Logos for Sacred Grounds Coffee Company
  • Label artwork for ‘Bring Out The Imp‘ beer by Alechemy
  • Artwork for TeaPigs
  • Illustration work for Dundee City Council
  • Van design for iartsupplies
  • Illustration and art based group work for Who Cares? Scotland & Angus Council
  • Illustrations and concept work for Porter’s Gin, Aberdeen
  • Designed specially commissioned bronze plaques for ‘Discovery Walk‘, part of the Dundee Waterfront Project. Celebrating Dundee’s contribution to science and society.
  • Oor Wullie’s Bucket Trail Artist co-ordinator and a trail artist (WL Sculptures: Oor Dreamcatcher, The Adventure of Discovery Never Ends, Oor Pirate and collaborated on Oor Original with Peter Davidson.). Auction total £883,000 for ARCHIE Foundation Tayside.
  • Artwork for BrewDog, Aberdeen
  • Painted Elephant sculpture for The Big Stampede, fundraising for Glasgow Children’s Hospital
  • Artwork, mural, story telling/ concept work and window display for Bird and Bear, Dundee
  • Installation for Gracie’s of Broughty Ferry
  • Art Director and parade artist for Maggie’s Dundee Penguin Parade, 2018 (Auction raised £539,000 at V&A Dundee).
  • Art Director and trail artist for The ARCHIE Foundation on Oor Wullie’s BIG Bucket Trail. (Auctions raised £1,293,200 for ARCHIE, Glasgow and Edinburgh Children’s Hospital Charities. WL sculptures – £31,800 for ARCHIE Foundation)
  • Illustrations for a Swiss Gin Company.
  • Wooden Diorama Mural for Roxburghe House (NHS Tayside).
  • Interactive Window display for Dundee Windows project, Dundee City Centre – August 2020 – Commissioned by UNESCO City of Design
  • The 2020 Dundee Christmas Card – 3D wooden installation in Dundee City Square – commissioned by Dundee City Council
  • Light The North – Lighthouse Trail – ‘Puffin Playground’ Lighthouse – Fundraising for CLAN Cancer Care
  • Monifieth Art Trail – Artist and co-designer/ co-group leader – Angus Council

Currently working on:

  • Artwork for Children’s Theatre Suite, Ninewells Hospital, Dundee – commissioned by NHS Tayside & ARCHIE Foundation – installation date due soon!
  • Painting Giraffes for the Giraffe About Town trail, Edinburgh. Fundraising for Royal Zoological Society Scotland (RZSS) – Edinburgh Zoo, Highland Wildlife Park and many projects worldwide – Trail coming this summer!

You can also find WhimSicAL LusH on FacebookTwitter, Instagram and Pinterest  and you will find a selection of work for sale on Etsy.

If you would like to speak to Suzanne about her work, commissions or purchases then please contact her on suzannemscott@googlemail.com.

Meet the artist – Hi!
Me and a private commissioned mural
Bird and Bear logo!
Porter’s Gin illustration work
Elephant for the Big Stampede, Hamilton
Painted Door for Open Close Dundee
One of the plaques for Discovery Walk, Dundee
Maggie’s Penguin Parade for Maggie’s Dundee
Painting the first Oor Wullie for the first Oor Wullie’s Bucket Trail
Private mural
Bird & Bear commission
Bottle labels for Brewdog/ Alechemy

9 Comments Add yours

  1. Bebhinn leslie says:

    Shazanna Scott its actually you love all ur work that iv seen so far

  2. Hi Suzanne,

    Sorry to have not been through on Sundays.

    Love all the work you are currently doing! Will need to go out and buy another bottle of Gin, just for the great artwork!

    My 6 year old daughter, Anna has created a fantastic story + drawings about creating homes around planet earth and the moon, elaborate rocket ferry’s for the worlds population to travel too and from the moon and saturn, Santa living together with the good witches over the big mountains at the top of the world etc. Quite an elaborate story, that I think could be captured with simple images and a story line. Would you be interested in possibly doing a book together?

    Please contact me via my email address: rodney.mountain@nhs.net

    All the very best for 2016

    Kind regards


    1. Hi
      Not at all. I would imagine you’ve been really busy too.
      Delighted to hear that you love the Porter’s Gin label… I’m really pleased with it! It tastes amazing too, so yes, you must go find some. ☺️
      Your daughter’s story ideas sound amazing! What a clever wee thing she is. Yes, I would be very interested in illustrating her ideas and working with you both. Will email you.
      Best wishes for 2016

      1. Hi Suzanne – just confirming that I will try and meet you at the Freedom hair experience on Wednesday – what time will you be there?

  3. Hi Rod

    Thank you very much! Yes, that would be fantastic and great to meet you too. I am at BrewDog on first Sunday of each month 12-4ish. Failing that just drop me an email and we can go from there.

    Best wishes

  4. Rod Mountain says:

    To the girl that likes to draw ! Love your work ! Could we meet up and see if there are options to get pop up art into Ninewells /
    Great meeting up at the pop up vent – will try and get across to brew dog on a Sunday when you are there.
    Kind regards
    Rod Mountain

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